NiceHMS is ABDM approved cloud based solution designed for indian hospital and doctors. It is created to suit indian hospital, clinic or nursing home workflows.

As we are part of ABDM ecosytem under National authority of Iindia. We dont do any undo practcies with your data. Please note, your data is by default interoperbale i.e we store it in international prescribed HL7-FHIR so for migrations it is easier. Our policies are and will be only ethical. We very well understand concern of practioners and also patient.

Further we dont belive in silos or closed systems, forcing partners to stick to us only. We belive in networking and collaborating. This will enble in growth and wellbeing of all partciptants in the ecosystem. Please note, this is also main vision of ABDM and we abide by it.

The modules are clear and simple to use. There are no complex setups or undue glamorous modules, which in long term most indian hospital, clinic or nursing homes never use. This software has been created from users point of view..


  1. Being part of the ABDM we adhere strictly to data privacy guidelines as prescribed by ABDM.
  2. Our data natively is stored in HL7-FHIR as prescribed by NRCES.
  3. For Diagnsotics we follow the coding as per LOINC
  4. We also use of SNOMED at necessary places.
  5. As per upcoming mandate of patient's TPA and insurence. We are implementing health claim exchange prescibed by IRDA and ABDM
  6. For online booking and teleconsultations we are implementing vendor neutral UHI prescribed by ABDM

Dr Umesh R Bilagi