Wed Dec 20 2023

Life Expectancy of Doctors: Unveiling Trends and Challenges

Life Expectancy of Doctors: Unveiling Trends and Challenges


The life expectancy of doctors, on average 10 years less than the general public, reveals a multifaceted challenge within the medical profession. Cardiovascular issues, cancer, and suicide stand out as common causes of death, with intriguing variations among specialties. Doctors, paradoxically challenging patients, often exhibit unique complications, possibly influenced by selection bias. Suicidal tendencies, notably higher among female doctors and anesthesiologists, underscore the importance of addressing mental health stressors. Sedentary lifestyles and a boss-like attitude contribute to health complications, necessitating a shift in mindset. To improve life expectancy, holistic measures, including work-life balance, mental health initiatives, and combating sedentary habits, are crucial for the well-being of this dedicated workforce.

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