Thu Oct 26 2023

AI in Healthcare: Transforming Doctor-Patient Relationships

AI in Healthcare: Transforming Doctor-Patient Relationships


The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into healthcare is on the cusp of redefining doctor-patient relationships. Patients are increasingly empowered by AI, transforming them into proactive participants in their healthcare journeys. AI provides personalized medical information, enabling patients to self-manage chronic conditions and reducing hospital visits through remote care. Doctors are transitioning into facilitators of AI-generated insights, with enhanced decision support tools. This shift allows doctors to reallocate time toward complex cases, patient counseling, and research, ultimately improving healthcare quality. However, ethical considerations loom, and doctors must champion responsible AI use. Embracing AI promises a revolutionary and ethical transformation of the doctor-patient dynamic.

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Dr Umesh Bilagi

Founder CEO of Nice HMS, reshaping healthcare management. MD DM in cardiology, with 2 private hospital launches and impactful government tenure. Fusing medical expertise and tech for superior care is my mission.

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